Case 1: Fire in Adlerstein


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Detective Stories: Case 1 – Fire in Adlerstein (English Version)

Do you like crime stories and mysterious investigations? Do you notice things that others don’t notice?

Use the collected evidence and make your own investigation to bring the truth to light. The game is designed as a realistic crime case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the criminal police in real life. Use your flair with Detective Stories!

You will investigate the case of a suspected fire that took place in the city of Adlerstein and led to the death of a citizen. Because of arson with fatal consequences, a journalist is charged. He collected much evidence to prove his innocence. You must determine if he is telling the truth and find the true criminal.

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Detective Stories: Case 1 – Fire in Adlerstein (English Version)

Bring a unique crime game home

› Cooperative deduction game with real evidence
› Complexity: Beginners to Experts
› Exciting adventure for up to 6 people
› 1 case, playing time: approx. 120 min. No time pressure
› No need to destroy the material
› Internet access required
› Age: 14+
› Your game starts immediately! No rule book necessary

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1.5- to 2 hours

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