• Embark on intergalactic adventures within your living room! From the designers behind the worldwide-hit Unlock! series of escape-room-style home games come three thrilling, cooperative missions that put you at the heart of the action in a galaxy far, far away. A free companion app handles organisation and hints while you focus on solving puzzles and completing objectives.
  • The acclaimed series that brings the thrills of escape rooms to your tabletop returns with three innovative new scenarios! Survive the all-too-real dangers of a deadly horror movie, prove yourself worthy of entering a hallowed Chinese temple, and find the mole in a top-secret espionage organisation.
  • Discover three new interactive challenges that bring escape-room-style gameplay to your tabletop! Foil a nefarious plot at the circus, race for a precious jewel in early-20th-century Paris, and repair the timeline when a time machine goes badly wrong.
  • The Escape Room in your living room is back! Experience adventures and puzzles that will put your logic to the test in three new challenge scenarios.
  • Investigate a cursed manor, escape a sea monster and hunt for pirate treasure in three new scenarios that brings the thrill of escape rooms to your tabletop!


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